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The Avengers Project: Characters Are Customizable


Which heroes will be in The Avengers Project? The trailer includes Bruce Banner's glasses, the God of Thunder's trusty hammer, one of Tony Stark's repulsor gauntlets, and the shield that's traditionally wielded by Steve Rogers. This seems to suggest that Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America will appear in the game.

Interestingly, a description of the game that leaked on the E3 website states that Marvel's Avengers will invite players to "master extraordinary abilities," "customize your heroes," and "combine powers." While this is wild speculation, is it possible that these bits of information point to a "Create Your Own Hero" option in the game?

As it stands, Square Enix hasn't officially announced which heroes will be in the game or how choosing your hero will work. We'll just have to wait for a proper announcement and make do with speculation for now. Creating your own character, within the framework of the Marvel universe, is a pretty cool possibility, though.