Steve aka Mythotical

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Jul 15, 2019
So I come across this nice guy on another site, decide to visit the link in his signature and bam, I'm sent to a very impressive site so here is my introduction.

My real name is Steve but I have gone by Mythotical or Myth for the past 20 years online, I'm the only person with this name and if you ever see if anywhere, more than likely it is me. I'm a father of a 15 yr old daughter and 16 yr old son. I've been married for 16 years and together with my wife for 17 years. We have been through our bad spots and great spots, now at the age of 36, I realize I'm getting too old for the stupid stuff that these young people fall over themselves for such as jealousy, upset over something so minor that you won't even remember the next day, and definitely too old for another child. :p

I'm currently in my graduate program for a Masters of Science in Information Technology where I intend to expand my business in a couple of years into Information Security Consulting. My wife is in her Graduate Certificate in Addiction Counseling then she will do her last 2 courses to finish her Masters of Science in Social Work with a stipulation in Addiction Counseling. If you can't tell, I'm very proud of my wife who has 2 bachelors, fixing to have a graduate certification and a masters degree.

Anyway, that is me and my family. Oh yeah, we have 3 kittens, a mama cat that just had a litter of 6 and we have claimed 3 of them already, and 2 dogs which I will be getting a mini chihuahua at the end of this month. Phew, now that is it. :D