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Brad P

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Quick Suggestions, Questions & Improvements
Got a small suggestion to improve Avengers Project? Confused about a part of the site? Post here!

The goal of this thread is for you to post any suggestions and feedback that can help improve the way this site works, whether it's regarding an update to something or just a forum name change, any suggestion or piece of feedback really helps us! This thread is also for asking any questions that you might have about the way Avengers Project works, it can be anything!

Please do not post joke suggestions and questions here, keep that in mind when posting.

Quick Questions & Answers
Got a question about the site? Then post it here! Post all of your questions here and expect answers!

Please do not post joke questions here, we appreciate all questions but going through joke question is time consuming and makes it harder for us to answer people who need real help with something on the site.