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New Marvel's Avengers Game" | Story & Easter Eggs Explained | Trailer Breakdown

Marvel's Avengers Game finally has a trailer. And today we're going to do a breakdown! What's up guys? RBG here bringing you a breakdown analysis on Marvel's Avengers E3 trailer titled "A-Day." And this is just crazy. Like I can't believe that we're actually breaking down something from this game. We've waited two years just to get an idea of what the heck is going on. And I can honestly say that I have a few ideas of what this game's story will be about. From the Easter Egg comic book references. To some of the leaks that pretty much confirm some of the things we've seen in this trailer. So we have a lot to go over. Now I just gotta say that although this trailer met my expectations. There were some underlying issues I had with it upon my first viewing. And this is something that has made the reception somewhat divisive among the fans. While the graphics are breathtakingly beautiful, the design choices for some of the characters were a little hideous. The faces and hair were weird as heck. And the costumes left more to be desired. Some of the main characters fans took issue with were Thor, Black Widow, and Tony Stark.

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