New Avengers Game| More Spider-Man PS4 Details | Earth 1048 Continuity?

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Brad P

Staff member
Apr 6, 2019

New Marvel's Avengers Game gives more details regarding Spider-Man PS4. Could this be in the Earth 1048 "Gameverse" continuity? What's going on guys? RBG here, bringing you another video on Marvel's Avengers. And this is gonna be somewhat of a follow-up on a theory regarding this game potentially existing in the same universe as Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4. Like I know I mentioned a lot key instances that validated some of my arguments. But I didn't fully go into detail on some of the specifics regarding the exact timeline these things take place. Because it really wasn't the main focal point of the reveal trailer. All we knew was that Marvel's Avengers would have a post 5 year time skip after the big A-Day incident. So there were a lot of fans that didn't think this game could possibly take place in the same continuity as Marvel's Spider-Man. But there were a few things that were revealed at the actual Marvel's Avengers E3 booth that you'd have to be there to see for yourself to know about. Thanks to some of the attendees we were able to get more details so we're gonna dive deeper into this theory.

Published by RandomBlackGamer


Jul 15, 2019
I love Spider-man and was very disappointed with past games but Spider-man PS4 looks very interesting and very good so I'll give it a try.