New Avengers Game" | Designs Finally Updated | Alternate Costumes & More!

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Brad P

Staff member
Apr 6, 2019
New Marvel's Avengers Game designs finally updated?! And there are alternate costumes on the way. What's up guys? RBG here bringing you another Marvel's Avengers update. And this 1 is more of a recap of the things that were revealed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. It's gonna be a busy week for Marvel because they currently have the floor for a lot of reveals at Hall H. And when it comes to these kinds of things it means you absolutely have to be there to see what they have planned for future projects. A lot of you guys were upset about Crystal Dynamics choosing to once again show a behind closed doors demonstration of the 1st mission. But thankfully we were able to get some info via tweets so we're gonna talk about it in today's video. So as you all know Marvel Entertainment held a secret behind closed doors panel for Marvel's Avengers. And we weren't quite sure exactly what new things they would be unveiling besides the footage we already got at E3. It just so turns out that it was more than we had initially thought. Because we actually got an extended version of the E3 demo. And this demo pretty much confirmed mostly all of the rumors we got in that reddit leak a month ago. Things like the helicarrier serving as your main hub and a cutscene consisting of a girl that looks to be Kamala Khan validated everything that was mentioned in the leak.

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