Marvel’s The Avengers Game; Who Is Doctor Chimera, Gameplay, Story, And More

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Brad P

Staff member
Apr 6, 2019
When The Avengers game was announced back in January 2017 it made perfect sense because the popularity of MCU’s Avengers just increased with every film release. Thus, there is a wide audience just ready for Marvel Entertainment ‘s Avengers game.

But Marvel’s properties had been turned into video games for the past 30 years. Most turned out to be flops but we have faith in Crystal Dynamics. And it’s not like there aren’t good Marvel games, right? Spiderman PS4’s release in 2018 and subsequent resounding success has people hopeful for Avengers.

Details for the Avengers game were revealed at E3 2019. The creators have divulged more about it after that. We decided to make a summary of the news for you here so read on for the release date, the gameplay mechanics and other info about Marvel’s Avengers game.

The Avengers game is not going to be a PS4 exclusive like Spiderman. Instead, it is going to be available on Google Stadia, Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics revealed the release, May 15, 2020, and a brand new trailer at E3 2019.

The Avengers game will consist of an expansive main storyline that can be played online and offline; Online, you will have four player Co-op. Offline and online gameplay will be different, according to game creators, because of factors like Hero Synergy.

Hero Synergy will be a gameplay mechanic in Co-op where the hero types will only be effective against certain enemy types. Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers will have “continuous gameplay”; there will be continuous updates that keep the experience fresh.

It will also have side missions that are not necessary for the main storyline but there to keep you busy and exploring. Side missions offer bonuses and will be replayable in Avengers. Some of the side missions will be only available in Co-op mode.

In Co-op, character stacking won’t be allowed, i.e., you’ll all have to play as different characters. Sorry, that means no recreation of the Iron Man suit army from Ironman 3.

You can, however, choose different suits of armor for Ironman, as you can customize costumes in the Avengers game. You will be able to buy these cosmetic options but you will also earn some of them by just playing the game.

Avengers will have no loot boxes or paywalls. Instead, post-game launch monetization will be from the optional cosmetic changes that can be bought.

The game will be played in third person, much like Spiderman PS4. The game will automatically switch between Avengers during different segments. The people who saw the hands-off demo at E3 2019, reported that the combat gameplay is like Spiderman, with fluid dodging, quick time events, and combos.

A Standalone Avengers Experience
Marvel’s Avengers will have a story that is not connected to the MCU storyline. Bill Rosemann, VP and creative director at Marvel games, and Shaun Escayg, creative director at Crystal Dynamics, revealed more about the story at E3 2019.

It starts on “A-Day;” The city of San Francisco is celebrating the launch of Avengers’ West Coast HQ on their custom helicarrier. Terrigen crystal(a mysterious energy source) is used to fuel the helicarrier. During the celebrations, someone attempts to steal the crystal and the day takes a “deadly turn”. Most of the city is destroyed and Captain America is apparently “dead”.

The heroes become fugitives of the law and disband. Five years later, a new danger is on the horizon and Avengers will reassemble. We will be able to play as Captain America (if he’s alive), Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Iron Man.

The story will be important because it is the foundation for what could be a successful franchise, Marvel Gaming Universe. It will also keep on expanding as Square Enix has announced plans for regular updates. Is it possible that this will tie with Spiderman PS4? One can dream!

The Possible Role of Doctor Chimera
There have been rumors that Doctor Chimera will be one of the villains in Avengers. Let’s see how that can be possible. One of the main clues that have been given by the trailer is that the Terrigen Crystal will be a trigger for the events of the game. The Terrigen mist which comes from Terrigen crystals is what seems to underpin this whole theory.

For those who do not know, Terrigen Mist is an often used plot piece in Marvel comics. This Mist causes different effects on different beings. Terrigen Mist is toxic to humans and it makes mutants sterile. For depowered mutants, it gives them uncontrollable versions of their power. But its most important effect is on Inhumans. It gives them mutations that are sometimes harmful but which sometimes enhance their capabilities.

How does it connect with Doctor Chimera’s role? Doctor Chimera is obsessed with changing his “imperfect” human body. In the comics, he attaches animal parts to his body. The theory states that his in-game motives are that he wants to mutate and perfect himself. For that, he masterminds the plan to steal the Crystal so that he can use the Terrigen Mist. But the resulting Terrigen mist kills most of the city. The theory goes on to say that Doctor Chimera survives A- Day and we face him later on when he tries to repeat that day’s events.

Captain America mentions Chimera by name in the gameplay trailer. It seems the Avengers might be played by Doctor Chimera. It’s just a theory, we’ll see how it goes.