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Jul 6, 2019
My character bio : I used to be an X-man, currently an Avenger fighting for justice. A doormant Phoenix now awakened in me, I can go anywhere I please and spit fire and be reborn every 500 years from my ashes. I can morph anytime into a Phoenix as well. I have killed my lover, but at present craving for world peace and a new life with my fellow Avengers. I’m the most powerful Avenger to date.

My character skills : spit fire, turn in a Phoenix anytime I call it, fly and rebirth and self-healing powers.

My physical appearance : when I’m Jean Grey, I have flaming red hair, green eyes and a fit body. While in Phoenix mode, I have fiery red wings and feathers all over my body, lastly, I have a beak and feathers all over my head.


New member
Oct 1, 2019
Its also possible that theyll just repaint the green/red Phoenix as white as the next Jean Grey released.

Do the Dark Phoenix heads fit on the Rocket Raccoon wave Jean?