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  1. Naiwen

    Anyone a Fan?

    I see, which movie is your favourite?
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  3. Naiwen

    Your favourite Movie from the Series?

    Mine is the 1st one!
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  6. Naiwen

    Your favourite Character?

    Mine is Iron Man in it!
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  8. Naiwen

    Captain America Fictional superhero

    Yep indeed! Love Iron Man 2!
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  10. Naiwen

    Seen “Civil War”?

    I have in theatres and have quite enjoyed it all.
  11. Naiwen

    The Amazing Spider-Man!

    Anyone seen it? It’s the only Spider-Man film I’ve ever seen, and it’s put me off the franchise.
  12. Naiwen

    Anyone a Fan?

    Spider Man.
  13. Naiwen

    Mario Kart, anyone?

    Yep and for mobiles too!
  14. Naiwen

    Mario Kart, anyone?

    Is anyone into this franchise? I’ve been for 25-26 years. I’m currently trying out their new free for mobiles one : “Mario Kart Tour”. It’s a fun and 3D game to play! Personally I love racing games most!
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  17. Naiwen

    Female Captain America?

    I think the next one will be female. Thoughts on this?
  18. Naiwen

    Your favourite Character?

    Mine is Loki from them all, yes, I have a penchant for villains especially super godly ones. Loki is such a hilarious character and makes the series more alive.
  19. Naiwen

    Listening To Your Criticisms And Will Make Changes

    Nice that they’re close to their fans.
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