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  1. bittersweet


    No worries, it happens!
  2. bittersweet


    It's Jake and I will, thanks! Hello @Naiwen, thanks for the welcome!
  3. bittersweet

    Certain quirks that make you, well you?

    I'll start with myself: 1. I've been known to talk over people when I'm excited about something without realizing it. 2. I'll sometimes repeat a good more times than I should, annoying others in the room/house. 3. I tend to zone out while playing games or watching television/movies...
  4. bittersweet


    Hello! New member to the community here and hoping to stick around for the long haul. I'm Jake, been on forums well on close to 15+ years now or so (rough estimate, more than likely longer). I'm a big fan of movies, television and gaming so you'll more than likely find me frequenting those...