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  1. Brad P

    I'm fluent in Google Traslate.

    Welcome, great to have you here
  2. Brad P

    Comment by 'Brad P' in media '"New Avengers Game" | To be Released on Next Gen Consoles? | New Developers Hired'

    Thank you for sharing this Video, would love to see you give us a shout out on the next video you do :)
  3. Brad P

    What's your favorite Marvel Game?

    Completely agree, it’s definitely a great stepping stone for future marvel games to come.
  4. Brad P

    2019 Marvel games and future release

    So this YouTube video shows the future games that are due to arrive this year for us Marvel fans, note that that more is mentioned about TheAvengersProject, fingers crossed that after the release of Endgame movie we will finally get to see a title name being released :)
  5. Brad P

    Have you gotten your Endgame tickets?

    I haven't yet but i really should get my tickets soon, ill get the missus to sort out ;)
  6. Brad P

    Welcome to the site mate, if you have any suggestions to add to our forum let me know :)

    Welcome to the site mate, if you have any suggestions to add to our forum let me know :)
  7. Brad P

    Just dropping in to say Hi

    Hey @RandomBlackGamer thank you for signing up, I'll be looking at setting up a steaming addon shortly and will share my thoughts to you. If you have any suggestions please let me know
  8. Brad P

    The One and Only Birthday Thread

    If today is your Birthday you will get a special Birthday mention below... Happy Birthday from the Avengers Project Crew!!! 🎉🎉
  9. Brad P

    Site Questions, Suggestions & Feedback

    Quick Suggestions, Questions & Improvements Got a small suggestion to improve Avengers Project? Confused about a part of the site? Post here! The goal of this thread is for you to post any suggestions and feedback that can help improve the way this site works, whether it's regarding an update...
  10. Brad P

    ‘The Avengers Project’: Everything we know about the Square Enix Marvel game

    In January 2017, publisher Square Enix announced it had signed a multi-title contract to produce games based on Marvel Comics properties. As part of the announcement, the studio teased the first of these, which it called The Avengers Project , with a few production details and a short teaser...
  11. Brad P

    Iron Man VR is the next PlayStation exclusive Marvel game

    After years of fans begging for another Iron Man game a finger on the monkey’s paw curls up as Marvel announces Iron Man VR – a virtual reality title exclusively for PlayStation 4 and its VR headset. This announcement comes with a very short trailer (embedded below) showing some version of Tony...
  12. Brad P

    4 Shots In The Avengers: Endgame Trailer That Will Break Your Heart

    Tension and stakes within The Marvel Cinematic Universe are at an all-time high, with Avengers: Endgame finally arriving in theaters in a matter of weeks. 21 movies and ten years of filmmaking will come to a head in the blockbuster, picking up the narrative after the heartbreaking twist ending...