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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to theavengersproject @Phillip
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    Hello There

    Welcome to the avengers project! :D
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    I'm fluent in Google Traslate.

    Welcome @Carlo to TheAvengersProject!
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    What's your favorite Marvel Game?

    Was wondering what everyone's favorite Marvel game actually is. I never got to play the new spiderman on PS4 because I own an Xbox but as a kid I used to play spider man all the time on PS2 and thought the game was really fun. Also there's a batman game I haven't played yet either for Xbox I...
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    What’s your favourite Marvel Movie?

    My favorite was the original spider man movies. They were my favorites. The plot and story was one of the best I've seen in a while. I miss watching batman though. It's been a long time. I never saw the new batman movies that came out a while back.
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    It’s Malcolm!

    Welcome to the avengers project @Malcolm!
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    Just dropping in to say Hi

    Welcome to theavengersproject @RandomBlackGamer enjoy yourself here :D
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    Iron Man VR is the next PlayStation exclusive Marvel game

    Playstation VR is a great way for them to promote their upcoming movie with a game on a VR platform like this. I know Microsoft has a ways to go before they can compete with Sony in the VR market. Especially since they don't even have VR yet on Xbox as the Hololens has still not made it's debug...
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    4 Shots In The Avengers: Endgame Trailer That Will Break Your Heart

    Should be an interesting film. Avengers has been around for quite some time. I may go watch this at some point.